Information – Kinds of Surveying

Surveying is mainly categorized as following:

Plane surveying: Plane Surveying is that kind of surveying in which the mean surface of the land is assessed as a plane and the circular shape is ignored. Entire triangles created by survey lines are assessed plane triangles. The level line is assessed straight and entire plumb lines are assessed parallel. In day-to-day living were are related with small part of ground’s facet and the previous suppositions appears to be realistic in consideration of the reality that the length of an arc twelve kilometers long positioning in the floor’s exterior is only one cm greater than the joined chord and furthermore that the dissimilarity between the total of the angles in a plane triangle and the total of those in a globular triangle is merely 1 second for a triangle at the land’s exterior having a region of 195 sq. km.

Geodetic Surveying: Geodetic Surveying is that kind of surveying in which the outline of the earth is brought into consideration. All lines situating in the surface are looped lines and the triangles are round triangles. It hence, comprises spherical trigonometry. All Geodetic surveys comprise effort of huge scale and high degree of accuracy. The purpose of geodetic survey is to decide the exact position on the facet of the land, of a system of broadly far-away points which design control stations to which surveys of reduced accuracy may be indicated.

Classification of surveying - Surveys may be subordinately categorized under number of headings which describe the applications or reason of resulting maps.

Categorization based upon type of field:

There are 3 types of surveying based upon the types of field which are as follows:

  • Land Surveying: It can be further categorized as 1) Topographical survey 2) Cadastrial Survey and 3) City Survey. It commonly deals with natural or artificial properties on land like rivers, streams, lakes, wood, hills, roads, railways, canals, towns, water supply systems, buildings and properties etc.
  • Marine Surveying: Marine or hydrographic survey deals with bodies of water for motive of exploration, water supply, harbour works or for discovery of mean sea level. The job consists in calculation of release of streams, creating topographic survey of shores and banks, taking and positioning soundings to verify the deepness of water and examining the fluctuations of the ocean tide.
  • Astronomical Surveying: The astronomical survey gives the surveyor means of deciding the definite spot of any point or the fixed position of and route of any line on the surface of the earth. This comprises in inspections to the heavenly bodies like the sun or any permanent star.

Categorization formed on object: Based on object, there are 4 kinds of surveying which are as follows:

  • Geological Surveying
  • Mine Surveying
  • Archaeological surveying
  • Military surveying

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Kinds of Surveying