Road construction estimation sheet

The cost of road contraction may greatly vary depending on a few factors including the road standards, topography, soil conditions, machinery used, the employed machinists’ and workers’ skills and of course the labor costs for a particular project. As the methodology and system used during the road constructions in all over the worldobeys some standard norms, it’s not hard to estimation the general construction cost if the factors remain constant.

If we talk about the cost of forest roads, it’s highly recommended to divide the labor and machine costs into various parts.

During cost calculation of your construction, you must pay attention to these parameters:

  • road development
  • rock eruption
  • crushed grit
  • outlet facilities (drains, ducts)
  • graves, categorizing and compaction
  • measurement to fix alignment and settlement
  • building and environmental protection works (bridges, damps, soil equilibrium works)
  • fees as project service
  • Other varied work (e.g. transportation, delivery etc)

First, calculated all these above mentioned costs individually, andthen go for the unit cost (per square meter). Estimation and comparison in the most important part before you start working on your upcoming road project.

To get more details how to calculate road estimate in excel, go through the following video tutorial.

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