Applications of cement

At this moment, the cement is extensively used across the planet in the creation of different engineering formations. Cement has shown to be one of the important engineering materials of recent times and has no competitors in construction and implementations.

It can be utilized alone (especially, “neat,” as plastering materials), however the standard application is in mortar and material in which it is assorted with stock-still material generally acknowledged as aggregate to make a robust binding substance. Next are diverse probable implementations or utilizations of cement:

  • The most important use of cement is making of concrete and mortar.
  • Cement mortar is utilized for masonry work, plaster, pointing, etc.
  • Cement concrete is utilized for making floors, roofs, building lintels, beams, weather sheds, stairs, pillars, etc.
  • It can be utilized for creation of vital engineering formations for instance bridges, culvert, dams, tunnels, storage reservoirs, light houses, docks, etc.
  • It can also be utilized for creation of water tanks, tennis courts, septic tanks, lamp posts, roads, telephone cabins, etc.
  • It can be utilized for creating joints for drains, pipes, etc.
  • It is utilized for fabricating precast pipes, garden seats, artistically designed urns, flower pots, dust bins, fencing posts, etc.
  • It can be utilized for construction of foundations, watertight floors, footpaths, etc.
  • It can be put to use for making fire-proof structures in the mould of concrete. In addition, it can be utilized for creating acid-resistance and waterproof structures.
  • Colored cement can be utilized for beautifying or coloring the formations.
  • It can be utilized for shotcreting the tunnel or geological walls to support the structure.

Regardless of so many applications of cement, it has few shortcomings. Yet, its benefits rise above its flaws. Some of the drawbacks of cement are as follows:

  • Structure once constructed out of cement is hard to be moved or reused. They cannot be simply reprocessed like plastics or steels.
  • Cement structures are weighty and very heavy. As a result, while constructing skyscrapers, it cannot be completely constructed on cement. As an alternative steel structures are used.


Applications of cement