Download Bill of Quantities Spreadsheet

A bill of quantities (BOQ) exemplifies a report to be used for tendering function in the construction business / materials. Inside a BOQ, all the data for resources, components, and manual labor (and their expenses) are listed. The cost consultant (usually an amount evaluator) creates the report (BOQ) and it comprises project connected calculated amounts of the things of job documented with the illustrations and terms present in the tender documents.

It acts as the practically useful facility for creating conversation among the companies (customer, advisor, and builder) of construction job. BOQ can also be explained as a to-do list that arranges, itemizes and calculates the resources and additional price things which are used in construction job. It must be observed that the categorical expenses; secondary expenses are incorporated for determining overall expenditure of the job which are involved in different sections of the BOQ.

Importance of BOQ: BOQ should be used in every level (before-deal; after-deal) of the job but need of BOQ differs along with different contract deals; assignment. The major usages are presented down below:

1. It presents the basic idea relating to the job by offering the amounts to appliers.

2. It explains the extent of the labor. (However, it must be acknowledged in reference to designs; requirement also).
3. It offers probable or planned agreement total. (Extremely necessary to customer)
4. It provides a source for assessment of difference. (Dissimilarity must be explicated in brief)

Download Link for Bill of Quantities (Civil workings) Spreadsheet

Download Bill of Quantities Spreadsheet