What is the difference between PPC and OPC cement?

PPC and OPC are very commonly utilized cement. Presently, PPC is utilized like a substitute to OPC. As a result, the very puzzling matter is in what way to take the right selection.

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) –

• OPC is created by mashing limestone and additional constituents to a powder. The major resources utilized for making OPC is gypsum, calcareous component and argillaceous component.
• The IS mark on the cement bag is in black colour.
• Setting duration is not more than PPC.
• Expensive than PPC.

• Utilization of OPC is suggested wherein quick speed of building is needed.
• The various OPC cement grades obtainable in India are: OPC 53 Grade, OPC 43 Grade and OPC 33 Grade.

Pozzolanic Portland cement (PPC) –

• PPC is a variety of OPC which comprises a combination of pozzolanic component which is recognized to raise the concrete stability and strength. The resources utilized for making of PPC is gypsum, OPC, pozzolanic components like rice husk ash, fly ash, rock and clay, pumicites and volcanic tuffs, etc.

• The IS mark on the cement bag is red colour.
• Optimal option for plaster, mass concreting and paving (masonry).
• Great strength.
• Setting time is greater than OPC.
• Curing time is a slight more than OPC.• Can be utilized in each sort of building task.

• No particular cement forms are obtainable alike OPC.
• Price less than OPC.

What is the difference between PPC and OPC cement?