Things to Verify Prior To Concreting Column

Concreting of a structural component of R.C.C. framed building is significant and essential for accomplishing the anticipated lifespan and stability of a structure. As performedat the site, it requires specific and additional provisions like nearly setting up factory-like managed concreting at the site. That is highly significantfor emerging countries where machinery is advancing and presence of trained workforce is in scarcity in regard to the requirement.

Verify shuttering: Prior to letting positioning of reinforcement, comprehensively verify the formwork. That measure is essential because some formwork imperfections cannot be rectified or are hard to rectify once reinforcement is set in place.

Verifying reinforcement: The next step is to verify column reinforcement. Therefore, like a conventional engineering method, the formwork must be verified prior to reinforcement getting set/placed or fastened.


  • Verify the shuttering dimension for the pillar that must be in accordance with representation.
  • Verify pillars’ center lines with reference to neighboring pillars, periphery, etc.
  • The pillar shuttering must be powerful to bear the pressure from fresh concrete and stay in place for the duration of concreting, especially while the vibrator is utilized.
  • To keep the concrete shuttering securely in position with appropriatearrangement, the concrete pad known as kicker must besetprior to installing the formworkand like the similar concrete blend.
  • The starter must be rock-solid to attach shuttering around it.
  • Shuttering or column box for pillaris composed of steel sheets or plywood sheets made with sufficientsections & boards.
  • A narrowlayer of mould or grease or oil release agent must be utilizedto the interior sides of the shuttering to allow simple withdrawal of column once the concrete is set. The similarsort of mould release agent must be utilized all over on same shuttering materials.
  • Shuttering must be correctlyadjusted to its perpendicularity and diagonal must be verified to confirm correctness of measurements.
  • The column must be adequatelyright in form and arrangementincluding rightarrangementto additionaladjoiningwalls, columns, etc and it must be in accordance with set network.
  • Plumb shuttering from both sides and firmly upholdutilizingbendable steel props.
  • Verify the column plumb through utilizing plumb bob.
  • Make sure the steel props are carefullyfastened to the column shuttering and the flooring and the alignment for drawing and pressing on is functional.
  • The supporting angle must be 45degree to the flooring.


  • The reinforcement steel must be without a loose scale, rusting, sludge, or oil mainlywhile oil utilized on shuttering.
  • Major column stirrups and reinforcement must be decreased in accordance with needed length.
  • The stirrups must be cautiously decreased in spansince additional length is going to bring abouthugedimension of rings/stirrupsleading to reduced covering to concrete.
  • Once a column endstoward amat or base, special confining reinforcement must be extendedno less than300 mm or in accordance with representationtoward the mat or base.

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Things to Verify Prior To Concreting Column